Fabian M. Franz

Mode im digitalen Zeitalter
Book Design, Research

The subject of this master’s thesis is fashion in the digital age. In this context, new systems for the future of the fashion industry were combined with a business concept in the sector 4.0. Innovative ideas at the point of intersection between fashion and technology are intended to provide intellectual stimulus for a more sustainable approach to clothing and also explore the basic procedures for implementing fashion in the digital space. In the theoretical part, the paper first deals with digitization, Industry 4.0, barriers to digital transformation, functions of fashion, problems of the fashion industry and digital fashion. Building on the results of the theoretical investigations, practical projects are used to name and explain the potential of digitalized fashion.

235 x 155 mm, 426 pages
Text: Fabian Franz & Florian Siegmann
with pictures from Ines Alpha, Josie Amoroso, Ricky Adam and many more.