Fabian M. Franz

Dr. Thomas Jaschko

Thomas Jaschko, a doctor in art history, offers professional services in the fields of art, exhibition curation, art consulting, and mediation. The stationery design showcases a strong yet elegant style, combining classic and modern elements. The logo was developed using a high-contrast, classic serif font as its foundation, paired with a modern grotesque font to create a connection between tradition and modernity. This principle, which is also evident in Dr. Thomas Jaschko’s work, can also be seen in the visual language. To achieve this, classical paintings were given a modern touch with digital noise, a symbolic grid, and a dominant, modern coloring.

Dr. Thomas Jaschko, Freier Kurator für klassische und zeitgenössische Kunst, Fabian Franz
Business stationery printed on different types of paper; Curated ad-ons like cardboard sliders Website based on wordpress