Fabian M. Franz

Being Human in the Age of Technology

We live in an age of unprecedented human power – over birth and death, body and mind, nature and human nature. In every realm of life, science and technology have brought us remarkable advances and improvements: we are healthier, wealthier, and more comfortable than ever before. But our gratitude for the benefits of progress increasingly mixes with concern about the meaning and consequences of our newfound powers. If we can dream about a new age of genetic medicine, we can also shudder at a new age of weapons of mass destruction. As we welcome longer lives, we wonder if we will still value life as we should. Science remakes our everyday experience of being human, but it also fails to answer our deepest longings – for love, for virtue, and for transcendence. Ten years ago, Princeton University had an exciting discussion on this topic. For the anniversary there will be a new design edition, including posters, admission tapes, a flag, VIP passes, stickers and canvas bags.​

Princeton University, private
Printed on different types of paper
Poster: Din A0, screen printing​